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Stop spam with a combined approach

Spam is the ban of any system administrators life and many people have taken it for granted that they must simply live with a certain level of spam in their day-to-day lives. However this does not have to be the case. A combined spam filtering approach is what is needed to end the spam problem. We find that a combination of blacklists and greylisting is the magic bullet that kills spam dead.

A better filesystem with tagging?

Recently I had cause to reflect on just how inconvenient today's file systems are at organising information. I don't know about you but my desktop and home directory rapidly become filled with odds and ends that I have downloaded or created. I can start off with a clean home directory and within a space of 6 months its a complete mess.

Software Freedom Day - YouTube videos

I have uploaded some of the video footage from Software Freedom Day. I am no movie director so the footage will not win any oscars. I haven't learnt to edit yet so it is all raw footage.

If you didn't manage to make that day, or are not located in Johannesburg or Pretoria, I hope this enables you to get some feeling for the event.

The Jumping Bean stand.

See you at Software Freedom Day

Jumping Bean is going to be at the Software Freedom Day celebration in Pretoria on the 15 September. We will also be trying to recruit for the Ferndale Linux User Group and the Ferndale Java User Group .

If anyone comes through pleasse stop by our booth to say hello and sign up.  We will be giving away some blank CDs so you can use them on the toaster and some other free stuff.


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