Tomcat Performance Tuning Presentation

At the last Ferndale Java User Group meeting on the 26th July 2010, I gave a presentation on Tomcat performance tuning and configuration. It seems that Tomcat is being adopted at an increasing rate by enterprises around the world as they abandon the complexity and hefty price of the Java application servers as pushed by the major JEE vendors such as Oracle and IBM. Lighter is better it seems :)

NetBeans Training in South Africa

NetBeans is one of the most popular Java IDEs and Rich Client Platforms (RCP) in use today. What is a RCP you may ask? A RCP is a desktop application framework, much like a web application framework, that eases the burden of developing rich desktop applications by taking care of the standard plumbing code that is necessary for any desktop application. Think menus, windows, view and model syncing etc.

Tomcat Performance Tuning

Tomcat Performance Tuning Training Course now on offer!

Tomcat is one of the most widely used servlet containers on the planet but many are unaware of how to tune Tomcat for maximum performance. The best place to get more performance out of your application though, is to look at the application code itself as a request spends around 80% of its time there rather than in Tomcat's code.

OpenWRT/Kamikazi - How to configure dhcp default route/gateway and dns server

Just a quick note in case there is anyone else out there struggling to setup openwrt's Kamikazi dnsmasq server to hand out a default gateway and dns server other than the default. In the old days it was easy enough to just edit the dnsmasq.conf file but with Kamikazi you will want to edit the /etc/config/dhcp file to change default options.

libvirt, iptables, dnsmasq and "dnsmasq: failed to create listening socket: Address already in use"

More times than I care to mention I find myself having to battle with libvirt taking over my iptables rules and starting its own instance of dnsmasq, which just ends up ruining my whole day. Libvirt is a great abstraction layer for virtualisation, and although its xml config format and command line interface are well documented, how it works under the hood is less so.

Mobile Contact Exporter App

Recently I got a new HTC Desire, the Google phone or Nexus One, in the rest of the world. I was faced with the perennial problem of getting my contacts off the old phone that had been in service for 3-4 years and onto the Android device. There was no easy way to do this, especially since I run Ubuntu. Luckily I am a JME developer and soon verified that the Nokia E70 supported JSR75, which allows for access to the mobile phones address book, and the ability to write files to local storage on the phone.

Calamari - A Squid Log File Analyser Application

Jumping Bean is happy to announce the release of Calamari, a squid log file analyser application. The application has been released under the GNU Public License V3. Calamari consists of two components, a JavaFX front-end and a Java based back-end web service. It is designed to allow system administrators to easily identify anomalous events and drill down into the detailed log entries.

Maven, Jaxb-Schemagen Plugin POM.xml Setup and How to Generate XML Schemas for POJOs

When ever I need to use the JAXB maven plugin, it is always a task to configure the maven pom.xml file to get this tool to run, but usually an answer can be found pretty quickly so its just annoying. Most often I just use javaws and jaxb plugins to import and export web services, but recently I had to export XML schemas for some POJOs for a client, and this was a bit more of a challenge. It seems, from the google search results at least, that Java developers do not export XML schema definitons for POJO's that often.


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