Linux Command Line Utility Of The Day "mtr"

The great thing about working with Linux is the constant, serendipitous, discovery of the "best" command line tool ever. This happened to me the other day when I discovered, possibly the best ever, command line utility for network diagnostics.

"mtr" a network diagnostic tool

The mtr utility investigates the network connection between the host that mtr runs on and a target machine. Essentially it is a dynamic traceroute that constantly updates, and shows, at which router your great bandwidth pipe, gets squeezed to a trickle with a calculated mean and standard deviation.

Linux Training and Certification

Linux administrators are getting paid more than their counterpart's a recent report by Challenger, Gray & Christmas. This makes the choice of getting Linux certified an easy one for new job market entrants and school leavers. The Linux Professional Institute (LPI) certification will start you on a lucrative and enjoyable tech career!

Redhat Clustering with Piranha

Redhat has put a lot of effort into making all types of clustering from load-balancing to shared storage and high-availability a core part of its Linux offering. Their solution for a load-balancing cluster with fail over, is the combination of "Linux Virtual Server" (LVS) with "Pulse" for fail over manager and "nanny" for cluster membership management. Personally I don't much like pulse and nanny, mainly because no other distribution uses them, but Redhats load-balancing solution has one advantage, it can be completely, well almost, configured from a web gui.

Tomcat Performance Tuning Presentation

At the last Ferndale Java User Group meeting on the 26th July 2010, I gave a presentation on Tomcat performance tuning and configuration. It seems that Tomcat is being adopted at an increasing rate by enterprises around the world as they abandon the complexity and hefty price of the Java application servers as pushed by the major JEE vendors such as Oracle and IBM. Lighter is better it seems :)

NetBeans Training in South Africa

NetBeans is one of the most popular Java IDEs and Rich Client Platforms (RCP) in use today. What is a RCP you may ask? A RCP is a desktop application framework, much like a web application framework, that eases the burden of developing rich desktop applications by taking care of the standard plumbing code that is necessary for any desktop application. Think menus, windows, view and model syncing etc.

Tomcat Performance Tuning

Tomcat Performance Tuning Training Course now on offer!

Tomcat is one of the most widely used servlet containers on the planet but many are unaware of how to tune Tomcat for maximum performance. The best place to get more performance out of your application though, is to look at the application code itself as a request spends around 80% of its time there rather than in Tomcat's code.


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