Alfresco Email Document Action Module Released

Our Alfresco Email Documents Action project addon adds the ability to email documents directly from Alfresco Share via a Document Library  action. The project consists of two modules, a repository module that implements the action in Java and a Share client side module that implements the client side logic for calling the action remotely from Alfresco Share via Javascript.

Alfresco Email Document Action Share and Rep Module Features

The features of the modules are:

  • Ability to selectively enable a folder or a document item to be sent by email straight from Alfresco Share,
  • Ability to convert document items to PDF before sending,
  • Ability to attach an email template to a folder or a document item,
  • Ability to record each email sent to a custom data list

Alfreco Customisation & Development

Alfresco's out-of-the-box web client for the repository, Share, provides a good foundation for building out your custom extensions and add-ons. The lack of comprehensive documentation and the rapidly changing Surf framework on which Share is built can make Alfresco development slow and Share although Shares provides several extension points it is not as flexible as other platforms for content presentation. Nevertheless, Share provides many benefits and productivity gains over custom development. Contact us for your Alfresco customisation and development needs.

Source Code Repository 

The source code has been released under GPL and botht he source and binaries can be downloaded from the Alfresco Email Documents Poject page.