Alfresco for End-Users

The Alfresco for End-Users Training is aimed at  Alfresco power users, end users and project managers who want to learn how to use Alfresco optimally and to leverage its features and capabilities to improve productivity and workflow in the organisation.

Description Days Price (ex vat)
Alfresco End User Training 2 ZAR USD

R 9,800

$ 980
  • Lunch, refreshments and training material included.
  • Class start at 9:00am for 9:30am

At the end of the Training the candidates should have acquired the following :

Day 1:

  • Introduction to Alfresco
    • Alfresco the big picture,
    • What are the components and services that make up Alfresco,
    • How Alfresco can help your organisation
  • Alfresco Share
    • Introduction to Share,
    • Public  & Private Share Sites,
    • Site management,
    • Share dashboard customisation,
    • Share site components
      • Document Library
      • Discussions
      • Calendar
      • Blogs
      • Wiki,
      • Search configuration and optimisation,
      • Share social media feature and integration,

Day 2

  • Share continued
    • Creating workflows
      • Assigning tasks,
      • Checking and processing tasks
    • Creating organisational and project team collaboration web portals with Share,
      • Project workflow creation and use,
    • Creating external web sites with Share,
      • Share web content management
      • Share web publishing workflow 
    • Important Share web services
  • Alfresco Repository
    • Introduction to Alfresco Repository,
    • Accessing documents on Alfresco via
      • Windows share
      • FTP
      • WebDav
    • Alfresco Microsoft Office and Open Office integration,
      • Checking document in and out of the Alfresco repository
      • Logging changes to documents,
      • Reverting changes to documents,
    • Import Repository web services