Alfresco Records Management

Alfresco Records Management Training is designed for managing the life cycle of electronic and other types of records. The course covers all records management capabilities which are accessible from all Alfresco interfaces, such as the web client, virtual file system and file serving servlets, because the functionality is implemented as extensions to the core content services.

Pre-requisite: It is a requirement that participants be familiar with Java and JavaScript before attending this course. Experience with frameworks such as Spring, templating engines such as FreeMarker and build tools such as Alfresco will be an advantage.


Description Days Price (ex vat)
Alfresco Records Management Training 2 ZAR USD
R16,000 $1,600
  • Lunch, refreshments and training material included.
  • Class start at 9:00am for 9:30am

At the end of the Training the candidates should have acquired the following :

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Course Overview

Day One

  • File Plans
    • File Plan Metadata

    • Vital Record Information

    • Record Cutoff Information

    • Record Holding or Retention Period Information

    • Record Transfer Information

    • Record Accession Information

    • Destruction Information

    • Miscellaneous Lifecycle Metadata

    • User Defined Information

Day Two

  • Managing Record Lifecycles
    • Obsolete Records
    • Superseding Records
    • Vital Record
    • Cutoff
    • Record Hold or Retention
    • Transfer
    • Accession
    • Destruction
  • Record Folder

    • Managing Record Folder

  • Query

    •  Searching for Records  

  • Report

    • Report Definition

    • Acting on the Report

  • Scheduled Jobs

    • Cron Expression

    • Query Template

    • Action Template