Alfresco Share Configuration Training.

This one day instructor led class is a fast-paced introduction to Share configuration. It shows how the Alfresco Share interface can be configured to display your own content models and types, how the advanced search features can be tailored and gives a general introduction to the Alfresco Forms system.

This course will allow you to simply configure Share for your users to support your own metadata requirements - the first things that most developers will want to do.


Alfresco Share Configuration Training Details

Description Days Price (ex vat)
Alfresco Share Config Training 1 ZAR USD
R5,000 $500

*includes lunch & tea


At the conclusion of this course you should be comfortable with all the concepts and tasks required to competently:

  • Configure Share to support your custom content models
  • Describe and have an understanding of the forms subsystem
  • Change the advanced search through configuration
  • Support your own custom data lists through
  • Share configuration Know where the boundaries of development lie with the Share interface


This course is aimed at developers who have prior knowledge of Alfresco and want to understand the Alfresco Forms system in order to configure Alfresco Share for end users.


It is a requirement that you understand XML and are able to edit XML files for configuration of the system. You should be familiar with basic system administration of an operating system such as Linux or Windows. It is helpful if delegates have previously used a scripting language such as JavaScript and prior knowledge of an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Eclipse is a bonus. If you have not used Alfresco before you should first complete the Alfresco Fundamentals course.


Architecture and technology

Looks at the basic building blocks used by the Share user interface, how the components fit together and how the system can be configured.

  • Forms Overview
  • Terminology
  • Where forms are used in Alfresco Share 

Deploying and troubleshooting

Find out different ways of deploying Share and how to troubleshoot problems.

  • Running Share in a different Tomcat instance
  • Seeing your changes
  • Troubleshooting

Configuring UI controls

Simple configuration can be used to change the default user interface behaviour and appearance.

  • Changing default User Interface (UI) control behaviour
  • Changing the list of aspects a user can select
  • Displaying a new custom type
  • Changing label alignment

Forms system

Find out how the forms system can be configured for various requirements.Where configuration is actually done and terminology used.

  • Terminology
  • Where forms are used
  • Configuration files
  • Evaluators

Forms Configuration

Having understood the underlying constructs for the Forms system we look to configure the form system to display custom models.

  • Changing the look and feel of the metadata forms
  • Configuring Share for custom data lists
  • Changing control types and constraints

Search Configuration

Share offers the ability to configure the search screen to understand your custom models, in this module we look at how to use Share configuration to set up the search screen for your specific requirements.

  • Configuring advanced search

Share Development

Once you have understood Share Configuration you can move onto Share Development. In this module we provide a taster about how Share development is done and the types of things that can be achieved as precursor to the Share Development course.

  • Configuration versus customization
  • Introducing Spring Surf
  • What can be customized
  • Share development Share configuration best practice