Alfresco Share Extension Development Training

Alfresco Share Development training is aimed at developers with prior knowledge of Alfresco and want to know how to customise and extend Share, the built-in Alfresco repository client front-end. Share make use of a wide range of Java and JavaScript frameworks, templating languages and technologies. This course is aimed at equiping developers with enough knowledge to customise share and to equip them to navigate the bewildering array of documentation, apis and frameworks to find solutions to the problems they are solving with Alfresco Share.


Description Days Price (ex vat)
Alfresco Share Extension Development Training 3 ZAR USD
R24,000 $2,400

Please contact us to book a training sessions for Alfresco Share Development.


It is a requirement that participants be familiar with Java and JavaScript before attending this course. Experience with frameworks such as Spring, templating engines such as FreeMarker and build tools such as Alfresco will be an advantage.

The Alfresco Share Amp Development course covers the following Topics :


  • Share Developer Tools
    • Surf debug,
    • Maven SDK,
      • Project structure,
      • Creating a sample module for deployment as a Jar or AMP,
      • Deploying modules and extensions to Share,
  • Share Extension Development
    • Understanding the Surf Framework,
    • Customising Share pages,
      • Adding content to components,
      • Configuring components via JavaScript controllers,
      • Controlling rendering of components,
        • using sub component evaluators,
        • writing sub component evaluators,

Day 2:

  • Share Extension Development continued,​
    • Customising Share pages continued,
      • Customising Share FreeMarker Templates,
      • Share widgets
        • Introduction to Aikua framework,
        • Configuring widgets,
        • Custom widgets,

Day 3

  • JavaScript API (Presentation tier webscripts)
    • Searching,
    • Accessing repository services,
  • Custom Actions,​
  • Share metadata forms configuration,
  • Share workflow forms configuration