Alfresco Workflow Training

This course covers Alfresco Activiti Workflows from start to finish, and will enable the design, development, and deployment of custom workflows that meet your business needs.

Alfresco Workflow Training Details


DescriptionDaysPrice (ex vat)
Alfresco Workflow Training*2ZARUSD
R 10,000$ 1,000

*includes lunch & tea

At the end of this course you will:

  • Understand work flows
  • Know how to define work flows
  • Know how to define task models
  • Be able to customize Alfresco Share for work flow
  • Understand how workflow can interact with content
  • Know how to deploy custom work flows

Alfresco Workflow Target Audience

This course is aimed at developers who have prior knowledge of Alfresco and now want to be able to create and deploy work flows in an Alfresco environment.

Alfresco Work flow Requirements

Delegates are expected to understand work flow concepts and have used Alfresco, they should be familiar with java and an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) such as Eclipse.

It is desirable and helpful if delegates have been on the Alfresco Fundamentals training course or the Alfresco Essentials training course.


  • Alfresco Work flow Overview
    • What is a workflow
    • How end users see workflows
    • Administrating workflow
    • Developer features
    • Workflow architecture
  • Defining Workflows
    • Activiti
    • Workflow definitions
    • Approaches to defining workflows
    • Tasks and gateways
    • Process Definition
  • BPMN
    • Variables and process variables
    • Assignments
    • Decisions
    • Listeners
    • Multi instance tasks
  • Task Definition
    • The workflow content model
    • The task model
    • Task types
    • Tasks and the user interface
    • Predefined tasks and their use
    • Deploying the task model
  • Alfresco Share Client Configuration
    • Understanding Share configuration
    • Configuring workflow start
    • Configuring task dialogs
    • Configuring workflow packages
  • Workflow and the Repository
    • Alfresco javascript
    • Configuring wokflow for document lifecycle