Application and IT Infrastructure Security

Increasing industrial and state sponsored cyber attacks and spying, as well as the activities of hacker groups such as anonymous; besides the usual criminal syndicates, make IT security an imperative for any Chief Information Officer.

Jumping Bean provides services for security of software applications as well as security infrastructure for monitoring, altering and protecting against cyber attacks.

Writing Secure Applications

From our experience writing applications and integrating systems Jumping Bean has developed skills for writing code that is protected from common security problems such as cross-site scripting, SQL injection and poor user authentication practices. We can provide these expertise as part of the development team or via training or as part of a code review and audit of existing applications.

Best practice include the safest way to store user passwords, if at all, as well as system configuration to ensure one compromised application does not allow the attacker to launch additional, more damaging attacks against other infrastructure in your system.

IT Security Infrastructure

We provide solutions for the deployment of network perimeter defense which includes unified threat management with intrusion detection, perimeter virus scanning and access control to the network resources. We also provide solutions for the protection of the internal network with pro-active scanning of installed software for vulnerabilities and monitoring of critical infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery and DDOS Protection

we believe in a holistic approach to security. Not only does this include pro-actively preventing security breaches but also planning for recovery in the event of a security breach.  Besides disaster recovery we help setup contingency plans for mitigating distributed denial of services attacks on key infrastructure.