Free LPIC-1 Beta Exam

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1) What is LPIC-1?

The LPI Level 1 or Comptia Linux+ exams is not a requirement to sit for the exam but it is highly recommended. The certification will provide you with the value of an internationally recognized certification and provide employers with proof of expertise!

To pass LPI Level 1 candidate should be able to:

  • Work at the Linux command line
  • Perform easy maintenance tasks: help out users, add users to a larger system, backup & restore, shut-down & reboot 
  • Install and configure a workstation (including X) and connect it to a LAN, or a stand-alone PC via modem to the Internet.

2) What are the exam objectives?

Version 5.0

In order to receive the LPIC-1 certification, one needs to  pass 101 and 102
• Candidates can also combine beta exams with regular exams. If they write one beta and
pass, they can take a regular exam afterwards to complete their certification.

3) What is a beta exam and why is it free?

The LPI consults with community experts and industry leaders to determine what the needs of the workplace are. After discussions and consultation a list of objectives for a certification are created or updated in the case of existing certifications. The next step is to develop a question database for use in the exam. As part of the quality assurance process beta exams are offered to check the quality of the questions, weed out any ambiguous questions etc. See more about the exam setting process and why and how it ensure relevant, high quality certifications at the LPI site.

4) When will I get my results?

Since this is a beta exam all the papers are sent to head-office in Canada for marking. Exams are taking place all over the globe from Japan to the US. All this take some time to complete so it may take up to 2-3 months to get your results.

5) Where and when are the Beta exams?

Location Dates Venue
Johannesburg 16 June 3 Appian Place 373 Kent Ave, Ferndale (9:30-12:30)
Cape Town 26 May Hotel Verde (12:30-3:30)
Durban 23 June Garden Court, Umhlumga (11:30-1:30)

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5) Who can we contact to find out more information?

Call us on 011 781 8014 for further information or send us a mail

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