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JPAUnit Release V0.1 - Mandela Day Release 2015

JPAUnit is a Java library for assisting with unit testing your JPA code. It  facilitates the initialisation of a database to a known state before commencing units test in Java. It leverages the mapping already done in your application's model that maps Java POJOs to database tables to insert data, defined in XML files into the target database.

JPAUnit leverages the database abstraction layer already created by JPA data providers to allow tests to target any vendor database that is compatible with your JPA provider.

Application Password Best Practice - CEH Certified Ethical Hacker

Our Certified Ethical Hacker CEH training course is attended by all types, from  system administrators and application developers to cyber security professionals. A common question from developers is how to implement secure passwords in applications when there is no LDAP, Kerberos or Active Directory integration.

Postgresql Native JSON Support - Best of Both SQL & NoSQL Worlds

Postgfresql joined the NoSQL movement way back in September 2012 with the release of Postgresql 9.2 which  introduced native JSON support via the JSON data type  .  Unlike the new kids on the block, rebel-without-a-cause, NoSQL data stores Postgresql hasn't rejected its rich and robust relational database heritage but instead assimilated the technological diversity of the NoSQL world and added them its own technological advantage, like any enterprise technology juggernaut would. Sorry Juan Luc!

PostgreSQL - Migrating Databases to Postgres

In our PostgreSQL training course a common question is how to migrate an application's data from an existing database, such as MySQL or Oracle to Postgres. If you have followed good practice and kept your business logic out of the database, any stored procedures or functions, and use of non-ANSI SQL features to a handful of instances it can be a relatively easy exercise.

IT Training Co-ordinator and Sales Representative Job Vacancy

Job Details

  • Employer: Jumping Bean
  • Location: 3 Appian Place, 373 Kent Ave, Ferndale, 2194
  • Salary: R5,000 (basic), 5% commission on sales. Potential income with current sales:R10,000 - R15,000+
  • Available: immediately (April 2015),

Jumping Bean is looking for an ambitious, smart self-starter to handle our IT training co-ordination and sales.
Key Performance Areas:

IPv6 - Set Up An IPv6 LAN with Linux

Setting up an IPv6 LAN with Linux? Ever wondered how to do that? For years we have heard the dire predictions about the impending doom of IPv4 and the imminent arrival of IPv6. As with any eschatological prediction you either choose to ignore it and hope for the best, or you prepare for the event as best one can. So far the former strategy has served many sys admins well and proved to be an effective strategy .


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