ZFS The Next Generation Enterprise Filesystem

ZFS, the advanced, open source, file system and pool manager released by SUN Microsystems in 2004, is choc-a-block full of features and surpasses any enterprise storage solution available to day, in performance as well as features.

ZFS Advanced Features

ZFS's advanced features include:

  • On-the-fly data de-duplication,
  • On-the-fly data compression,
  • Protection against data-corruption,
  • Self-healng,
  • Support for hybrid storage pools to maximise performance,
  • Snapshoting, cloning and remote backup,
  • Raidz1(Raid5), Raidz2(Raid6) and Raidz3 support

The feature list is so compelling that its hard to find a reason not to use it. If you use Linux there is one reason though. Unfortunately ZFS is released under the CCDL license which is incompatible with the GPL. The GPL community is hard at work implementing its own next-gen file system, Btrfs. In time it may surpass the features offered by ZFS.

Once Btrfs is considered stable and has feature parity it would be worth considering using Btrfs as the default file system for Linux servers whether storage servers or otherwise.

ZFS Presentation at Oracle Conference

Jumping Bean makes use of ZFS in our high-availability solutions. For more information see the slides from our presentation below.