Brace yourself, and your business, for the inevitable rise in cybercrime.

If you’ve been paying any attention over the past month or so you’ll probably have heard of the WannaCry cyber attack that brought down hundreds of thousands of PCs around the world and in some cases brought down entire businesses and services.

For those not familiar with WannaCry, the malware is known as ransomware and encrypts a PC’s hard drive. The only way to decrypt the contents is to pay a ransom for a key.

Process Substitution - Linux Expert Tip

Have you ever written a pipeline of Linux commands, sat back marveled at the beauty of the elegant philosophy behind Unix design and thought, "wouldn't it be great if I could just branch the pipeline at a particular point and process the results through a different sequence of processes from there? If so this post is what you are looking for.

Let's Encrypt - How to use it and get free SSL encryption

"Let's Encrypt" is the project bringing free and easy to use encryption to the masses.s  With "Let's Encrypt" everyone can get an SSL certificate for their sites or services such as mail and ftp for free, forever! The service lowers the barrier to SSL adoption by, not only making it easy to get a free SSL certificate, but also making it easy to install and renew your certificates. So how does one install and use "Let's Encrypt"?

How to mock es2015/ECMAScript 6 Classes with Jest and Babel-Jest

If you are using babel to compile your app's es2015/ecmascript 6 source to ecmascript 5, and you are using Jest for your unit tests, you will have some additional challenges writing your tests with Jest due to its JavaScript 5 roots.

Jest Setup for ES2015/JavaScript 6 Source

To use Jest for your es2015 source you need to configure package.json for Jest and babel-jest.


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