Moving Jumping Bean web site to drupal 4.7.0

Jumping Bean was at the LinuxWorld South Africa held during 16 - 19 May 2006, my dates may be a little wrong. From our interaction with people at the show it became clear that we needed to provide more information but out previous static html web site made quick and easy changes a bit more tedious than I wanted so we decided to use an open source content management system.

Jumping Bean Moves to Drupal

We have used Mambo in the past but I looked at Drupal again and decided to give it a go. What you are looking at is the results. I am sure there are spelling and grammar mistakes in the content which we will clean up soon! I haven't had time to install the spell checker yet plus this 4.7.0 of Drupal is a major new release so the modules are still catching up. Please feel free to send us any ideas for improvements to the site or requests for info. see ya