Asterisk (VOIP) PABX Configuration for SA

Configuration of Asterisk for South Africa

Echo cancellation on TDM400p

If you use Trixbox, to get rid of the echo on the Digium TDM400p cards, download the latest Zaptel drivers, at time of writing the latest is, and compile them yourself. You need to edit the zconfig.h source file and comment out the line #define ECHO_CAN_KB1 and uncomment #define ECHO_CAN_MARK2 on about line 52. You also need to enable aggressive echo cancellation by uncommeting #define AGGRESSIVE_SUPPRESSOR.

Edit the modprobe.conf file to enable SA setting for wctdm dirver

You will need to add the following to the modprobe.conf file for ZA

"install wctdm /sbin/modprobe ignore-install wctdm opermode=SOUTHAFRICA && /sbin/ztcfg"

T he line to load the driver should already exist. You just need to edit it to include the opermode=SOUTHAFRICA

Edit the zaptel.conf file

You need to edit the zaptel.conf file and change defaultzone=us, loadzone=us to defaultzone=za, loadzone=za

/var/log/asterisk/full error messages

If you get "freshmaker failed register test errors" on loading the zaptel drivers check that the modules are properly seated on the card. Usually the technician that does it at the distributor get this wrong. Also check the power connector. If these are ok the card may be faulty.


I tried to do this by my own, but I faced some errors and I didn't knew how to deal with them. I gave up and I'll wait patiently for the help of someone who is very well skilled in this.