Business Intelligence with Java and Open Source

A while ago I was researching open source business intelligence applications and came across some real gems that I thought I should share with others. The two big projects I found are Openi and Pentaho.

Pentaho is an Eclipse based product and gives developers a complete platform for BI application development based on open source and Java. The recent announcements that Eclipse and Pentaho will work together to develop Eclipse's next generation of Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools (BIRT) holds a lot of promise!

I cant wait to see BIRT2 when it is released. I also looked for open source OLAP servers and found HydraCube and Modrian. In fact Openi makes use of Modrian With these products, in depth analysis and ad-hoc querying of business data no longer needs to be the domain of giant corporates. Openi and Pentaho are excellent examples of the benefits of open source. Not only as products themselves but in the way they are built integrating existing open source components into a complete BI solution.