Calamari - A Squid Log File Analyser Application

Jumping Bean is happy to announce the release of Calamari, a squid log file analyser application. The application has been released under the GNU Public License V3. Calamari consists of two components, a JavaFX front-end and a Java based back-end web service. It is designed to allow system administrators to easily identify anomalous events and drill down into the detailed log entries. It also allows system administrators to easily query user usage statistics and usage of particular domains.

Squid Caching/Proxy Server Usage Reporting 

The project is the result of ongoing requests from our clients , who make use of our firewall solution, for more insight into: 

  • how their internet connection is being used, 
  • to enable the easy investigation of incidences and 
  • to allow for easy generation of reports for monthly management meetings.  

Basically they want to manage their internet costs and resources more effectively and for that they need more information on how it is being used. The project is currently in beta. We will be rolling it out to our clients over the next few months and continually improving the application as we get more feedback. We already have some ideas on features and functions to add.

JavaFX and Java 

Since the application started as a side-project, we used the opportunity to get up to speed on some new technologies in the Java space, such as JavaFX ,JAX-RS and the excellent project Jersey. Unfortunately JavaFX 1.3 came out just as the project was about to be released. We will be updating it from 1.2 to 1.3, just as soon the JFXTra's component  has made the move, as we are dependent on that project.

 We hope that the project  meets with some success in the floss community.