Linux Training and Certification

"Should I consider getting trained and certified in Linux administration?" is a question some of  you, fresh out of school, may be asking yourselves as you ponder your future career. Each year hundreds of thousands of young people enter the market and consider a careers in IT.

Linux Training and Certification Pays Off With Higher Earning Potential!

With so many certifications and training courses to choose from it is hard for new entrants to decide what is the best one for them. There are many factors which go into making a careers decision and deciding which certification and training to choose. I am sure all have you have been advised by the school career counsellor as to the factors to consider when choosing your careers. Although we would all like to do a job we love sadly , for many, what you get paid becomes an over-riding factor in their decision even if it means years of unhappiness or less than satisfactory job.

Luckily there is an IT certification options which allows those with a passion for technology to do really fun and interesting work and get paid great at the same time! Yes, its true, Linux Administrators get paidf more than their counterparts in the proprietary space. Since this site is all about Linux there is no surprise that that we think this option is Linux system administration with certification by the Linux Professional Institute.

I think it is true to say that those who want to get trained in Linux and certified generally do so out of a passion for technology, the alpha geeks of the tech world, so to speak. Luckily choosing Linux certification and training also means that you are likely to get paid better than administrators of other, less fun, operating systems.

The fact that Linux administrators get paid more was even acknowledged by Microsoft in their "Get the facts" campaign where they tried to argue it costs more for a company to run Linux than their own operating system because Linux admins are paid more. Microsoft's logic was flawed, however because when one considers the number of administrators per machine, Linux wins hands down! See this ZD Net article

The great thing about this is that it is a win-win situation for Linux administrators and companies! So if you want to get paid well and enjoy your job you should seriously consider getting Linux certified and trained.

At Jumping Bean, we offer LPI Certified Linux training. Check out our Linux training and certification web site  for details or contact us if you want to know more!