Asterisk rocks! Open Source VOIP!

We deployed our asterisk server this week and its going great! Asterisk for those of you who don't know, is an open source PABX with advanced features such as IVR, voicemail and comprehensive reporting. For the cost of a digium card, around R3,000 and a cheap server, around R10,000 one can use their installed TCP/IP network as a telephone system.

Asterisk saves you money with VOIP!

No need to spend R40,000 on a PABX with limited features and the threat of additional costs whenever you want to expand. Asterisk is a classic example of how open source can help SMEs. Firstly because it costs less than proprietary solutions and secondly because a good PABX increases productivity.

We are going to be rolling out more of Asterisk's features over the next couple of weeks. We currently have IVR, voicemail, conferencing and extensions for every employee. Because Asterisk uses TCP/IP anyone with a computer can now have a telephone. We just installed soft phones such as EKIGA and bought some headphones with built in speakers.

We plan to make use of VOIP for outgoing calls as well. Once we setup a gateway we will be making international calls on the cheap We also plan to use it so that consultants out at clients can contact the office without having to resort to using cell phones.

Better get back to fine tuning the system. We plan to start offering Asterisk support for our customers shortly.