Dokuwiki, authentication plugins and the super user on Debian/Ubuntu

Dokuwiki, like all wikis, is a quick and easy way to document systems and record organisational knowledge. As a popular PHP application there are two ways to install and configure it on Debian/Ubuntu.

You can download the code, install and maintain it yourself, taking responsibility for upgrading and migrating from one version to the next; or you can use the version that comes with the distribution repository.

Junior Linux Engineer Positions for Alumni of Our Linux Training

We have a client, in the telecoms/isp space, who is looking for some junior linux engineers.  If you hare an alumni of our Linux training courses and are interested please contact us so we can refer you.

The client requires you to know networking and have Linux IP skills, which you will have if you attended one of our courses :)

PHP Object Cloning

In our advanced PHP training course we cover object orientation and how it is implemented in PHP. PHP uses the terminology "magic methods" to refer to class methods that other object orientated languages, such as Java, would refer to either as standard class functionality, like constructors, or methods that form part of the base class from which all other classes derive, i.e. the Object class in Java.

Oracle Java Developer Day - Johannesburg, South Africa

The 21st May 2010 was Oracle Java Developer Day, here in South Africa. The event was a great success and it was great to meet Arun Gupta and chat to him about GlassFish and JEE 7. I presented two sessions at the event and have attached the slides below.

The first session was on GlassFish and the 2nd was on Java Logging Frameworks. If you are looking for GlassFish training see our offered GlassFish training courses!

Java Logging Frameworks Part 1

Java Logging Frameworks Explained - Part 1

Java logging frameworks are almost as prolific as Java web frameworks; but while one can understand that there are lots of ways of building web applications, it is rather harder to understand why there are so many frameworks for logging in Java; after all logging is simply sending a message to log is it not?


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