Java Logging Frameworks Part 1

Java Logging Frameworks Explained - Part 1

Java logging frameworks are almost as prolific as Java web frameworks; but while one can understand that there are lots of ways of building web applications, it is rather harder to understand why there are so many frameworks for logging in Java; after all logging is simply sending a message to log is it not?

SELinux - An Introduction Presentation

"SELinux - An introduction" was the title of the presentation I gave this evening, 26 March 2012, at the Jozi LUG. SELinux is one of those Linux features that many administrators quietly turn off so as to get on with the business of managing their servers; but of course its not considered polite to say this in public.

With the targeted policy there really is no reason why SELinux cannot be used by default in most installations with the strict policy only being used if it is really required. Of course there is also apparmor that can be used.

Redhat EX300 Exam Lab

We will be sending our instructors to take the EX300 Redhat exam soon and thought it would be good to record some of the labs we have them complete in our training labs. Whilst some of the lab are easy to generate like setting up Apache virtual servers, DNS, SAMBA etc the following test several areas of knowledge required for EX300.

Maven Hibernate 4.0.1 pom.xml - Dependencies (POM.xml)

I have been avoiding using Hibernate for a while now. I have been using alternatives such as the reference implementation, eclipselink or Apache's openjpa. But I have to keep up to date with Hibernate for our JBoss training sessions, where the more developer focused training sessions, often cover examples of hibernate with JBoss for EJBs.

JBoss Datasource Password Encryption/Hashing

In my previous post on JBoss password encryption I showed how to encrypt passwords for services that make use of the Jboss microcontainer. These services are configured in files that end with the suffix *-jboss-beans.xml. As stated in that post JBoss has a tendency for inconsistency in its configuration files and service setup due to its migration away from the JMX Kernel to the Microcontainer and its historical use of custom XML files for some setups like data sources.

JBoss Password Encryption For Microcontainer Beans

JBoss 6 can make use of a centralised java keystore to save all the passwords needed in configuration files in a single place thereby making them easier to manage and protect. No more worrying about clear-text passwords in xml files! This feature is only available to services that make use of the microcontainer for service instantiation as it uses the microcontainer annotations.

Optimising Website Performance on Apache with Cache Control Settings

When tuning a web site running on Apache for optimal performance there are two places to look. The first is picking the right combination of settings for the muli-processor module (MPM) you have selected and the second is tweaking the various settings that affect the caching and compression of web application content.


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