Cluster Solutions

With Linux clustering solutions, access to scalable computing power is no longer the preserve of large corporates alone. Now any sized company can afford to implement a server farm or computing cluster using commodity hardware and Novell's Suse LInux or Redhat Linux. Clustering solutions that are possible with Linux are:


  • High availability clusters,
  • Load balancing clusters,
  • Storage clusters and
  • High Performance clusters
The technologies available to Redhat and Novell Suse Linux can be configured in a myriad of ways to provide a solution with any or all of the characteristics of the above clusters. With Linux cluster an clustering solution can be architected to meet your requirements cost-effectively.
Our clustering solutions are built on Redhat Enterprise Server or Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server. Any solution, from a simple two-node load-balancing cluster with no single point of failure, to a large server farm with a shared storage back-end for private cloud can be built with with our expertise.
Before considering buying a costly proprietary solution give Jumping Bean a call for solid cluster computing at an affordable cost. Call 011-781 8014 or contact us via our mail form.