Clustered and High Availability Solutions

High availability  & clustered solutions

For a critical business application to be highly available and scale with demand, a corporate's data-center infrastructure needs to be architected correctly. Creating such an architecture can be built using commodity hardware and off the shelf compoments and is the approach taken by prominent Internet scale companies such as Google and Facebook.  

Clustered, Highly Available Solutions

Creating a distributed, highly available application, requires application design and hardware architecture to work work together to deliver the characteristics required.

Architectural requirements for scalable applications include:

  • Applications written to use caching servers,
  • Serialisability of application data structures,
  • Session replication,

Hardware requirements to support highly available, performant applications requires:

  • Cluster membership management,
  • Cluster Resource management and assignement,
  • Database replication,
  • Centralised storage,
  • Load balancers and
  • Monitoring applications

Clustering, High Availability Support Services

Whehter its an existing application that needs to be made highly available or an new application that needs to be written from the groun up to be scalable, performant and distributed, Jumping Bean can assist with:

  • Building highly available infrastructure,
  • Architecting software and hardware solutions for high avialabilty,
  • Trouble shooting performance and scalability issues