Drupal Training

Drupal training

Drupal training reduces the cost of skilling up in Drupal, the leading content management system today. Our training covers Drupal 6/7.

Drupal's power and flexibility has lead many to call it a content  management framework rather than a CMS. Although Drupal has a lot of power it also has a steep learning curve. If your company or organisation is considering using Drupal as the basis for its web content management needs you can reduce this learning curve and save time and money by attending one of our Drupal courses.

Drupal Training Courses

We have created the following Drupal training courses for the different roles users assume when interacting with Drupal.

  • Content creators and site builders, such as editors, journalists or subject matter experts
  • Application developers need to know how to create new or customise existing modules for Drupal with PHP and what modules are available to provide functionality without the need for coding


Drupal Training Courses Prices
Description Days Price (ex vat)
Drupal Site Builders Course 3 ZAR USD
R18,000 $1,300
Drupal Content Manager Course 3 R14,000 $970
Drupal Back End Developer Course 5 R25,000 $1,740
Drupal Front-End Developer Course 3 R18,000 $1,300

Includes text book, lunch and tea. All Classes start at 09H00-09H30 unless pre-arranged.