FreeBSD Support

FreeBSD Support

Jumping Bean provides FreeBSD support .In particular we provide support for FreeNAS and pfSense. Our support includes :

  • FreeBSD installation
  • Maintenance, patching and upgrading 
  • Services and application installation and configuration for infrastructure services such as
    • DNS -bind,
    • Web -Apache/Nginx,
    • Mail - Postfix,
    • Firewall - IPFW, PF
    • Load balancing,
    • ZFS etc

What is FreeBSD?

FreeBSD offers advanced networking, performance, security and compatibility features today which are still missing in other operating systems.


FreeNAS is a FreeBSD based network attached storage system (NAS) ideal for businesses looking to centralise storage for easier management of documents and files, more reliable backups or for use as centralised storage for  a Virtualization solution. 


pfSense is a FreeBSD based software firewall with a reputation for reliability and superior effectiveness as network perimeter device controlling ingress and egress from a network.

Contact us for your FreeBSD support requirements.