Drupal Blog Aggregator Subscription Module

This Drupal module allow one to add tracking codes to their blog posts. More and more aggregator sites have code snippets they want you to add to your site.

News Flash

Update for Drupal 6.- 3 Nov 2008

Add aggregator code snippets to your Drupal blogs

This module allows for the adding of these code snippets to the bottom of blog posts. So far I have used it to add technorati's snippets as well as Amatomu and Afrigator. In some respects this module over-laps with the social bookmarking module.

How to install/configure the blog aggregator subscription module

To use it:

  1. Simply copy the directory to your modules directory for your Drupal install,
  2. Login as the admin user and go to "module" under "site configuration" on the admin panel,
  3. Enable the "Blog Aggregator Subscription Module" under "other",
  4. Go to "content" and then select "Blog Aggregator Subscriptions"
  5. Add new subscriptions by copying the code snippet from the aggregator site and pasting it into the text area. Note: if you have rich text edit endabled you will need to disable it before pasting in the code and saving it.
  6. Go to your blog page and see if it all looks ok.

Future Enhancements

  1. Make it more multi-user. Currently it will post the same code below each blog post. If you have more than one blogger they will probably want their own snippet to id their blog.
  2. Find a way to prevent rich edit from hijacking the textarea. Due to the need to often include javascript in the code snippet it is necessary to disable rich edit

If you have any suggestions or find any bugs please contact us .


Version 0.03 -- Added weight factor to determine display order and added a active/inactive field to enable or disable the code snippet.

Version 0.02 -- Introduced theme function, fixed escaping of snippet which made editing impossible.