Integration Solutions

Large businesses have many solutions that require integration to create a seamless and efficient business process. Jumping Bean uses its experience in Java and PHP, with our specialist knowledge of key, widely used, open source projects, to provide integration consulting services to our clients.

The Whole - More than the Sum of Its Parts

The key to realising the business benefits from the many best-of-breed open source solutions available to businesses is to have a partner who is skilled in those technologies, not only as point solutions, but their ability to be extended and customised using their APIs.

Open Source Solutions Encourage Integration

Open source solutions have an philosophy which encourages the integration of other point solutions in a seamless process. APIs and extensions points are provided, along with most language bindings/,Industry standards are implemented where they exist to allow for the easy integration of components.from both closed source and open source vendors.

Jumping Bean's routinely builds integrated solutions for clients using open source applications which are documented on our Solutions menu. Our core products supported is constantly being added to as new projects gain mass acceptance, after research, testing and skilling up by Jumping Bean. Typically we make use of these components in our own business processes and feel confident in using them in solutions for customers.