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JPAUnit Release V0.1 - Mandela Day Release 2015

JPAUnit is a Java library for assisting with unit testing your JPA code. It  facilitates the initialisation of a database to a known state before commencing units test in Java. It leverages the mapping already done in your application's model that maps Java POJOs to database tables to insert data, defined in XML files into the target database.

JPAUnit leverages the database abstraction layer already created by JPA data providers to allow tests to target any vendor database that is compatible with your JPA provider.

GC Log Viewer - An Web App to Graph JVM -X:loggc Log Files!

GCLogViewer is an online Java garbage collection log graphing application  (←click here) that runs entirely in the browser. It takes the log file generated by the "-X:loggc"  and produces a simple graph showing the JVM memory management and collections over the duration of the log file.

Apache Maven Training

This introduction to Apache Maven training class teaches attendees how to automate the build of Java projects using the IDE independent Apache Maven. The course teaches how to use maven outside of any IDE and how popular IDEs such as NetBeans and Eclipse integrate with the Maven build system.



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