Java Frameworks & Tool Chain

When building a Java application there are many frameworks and technologies to choose from and Jumping Bean has developed expertise in a selection of these frameworks which we have found to be the most suitable to our architectural style for developing applications.

Light Weight Approach To Building Java Applications

Jumping Bean prefers a light-weight approach to building applications and components that we frequently use:


Java Frameworks Used
UIVaadin, GWT
DatabaseHibernate (JPA), OpenJPA,Eclipselink - most JPA providers
Dependency InjectionSpring framework core, Guice, Java CDI
Service LayerSpring Data, AspectJ
Loggingslf4j, log4j


Java Tool Chain
Buildmaven, gradle
Continous IntegrationJenkins
Dependency Repository ManagerSonatype Nexus
Version ControlGIT, Subversion


Java Projects/Components
Enterprise Content Management (ECM)Alfresco, Liferay
Application ServersGlassfish, JBoss, TomEE
Servlet ContainersTomcat