Linux Support and Consulting

How can Open Source and Linux help your business?

Novell Silver Partner Logo Jumping Bean is an Redhat and a Novell  Partner. By partnering with the two most well established companies providing commercial support for Linux our customers can rest assured that their problems and issues will always be dealt with as we are backed by large commercial Linux companies with the necessary resources at their disposal. Novell Certified Linux Specialist

Many business owners are aware of Linux and Open Source but do not know how it can save them money. Below are some of the ways Linux can be used in your organisation:

  • We recommend Suse Linux or Redhat Linux to run Pastel,VIP, SAP or Oracle.
  • Linux can be used to replace your Windows servers. With SAMBA Linux can replace yourWindows domain controller and your file print server,
  • Linux can be used on your desktop computers. Not all people need to switch to Linux. Staff that need windows can continue to do so and the Linux desktops will inter-operate with the windows network without problems

Download your free FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) guide here.

Ongoing support and help

Jumping Bean offers on-going Linux support and consulting. We offer:

Read Hat Ready Partner

  • ad-hoc or per incident Linux consulting at an hourly rate or,
  • we enter into service level agreements (SLAs) with customers with guaranteed turn-around times and tiered levels of support. We also offer 24X7 support contracts for critical servers and infrastructure.

Contact Jumping Bean now via email or on 011-781 8014 to discuss your Linux support or solution requirements.

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Our skilled technicians can support a wide variety of distributions such as:

  • Suse,
  • Redhat
  • Ubuntu, and
  • Debian

We support a wide variety of applications of these distributions:

  • mail servers,
  • web servers,
  • vpn servers,
  • firewalls,
  • file sharing servers etc.

Our solution architects are able to design and implement complete solutions for example:

  • office automation,
  • inter branch communication,
  • groupware solutions,
  • remote or road-warrior access for sales and remote staff.

Contact Jumping Bean now via email or on 011-781 8014 to discuss your Linux support or solution requirements.