Firewall Solutions

Firewall and perimiter security solutionsFrom the increasing sophistication of malware and state sponsored cyber espionage, the need to ensure the security of private, customer information; the requirement to secure the corporate network has never been higher. With mobile users and the bring-your-own-device trend the attack vectors for hackers and industrial espionage agents is growing.

Protect Your Network With A Firewall

We Support Linux & BSD Based Firewalls such as pfSense

Jumping Bean's firewall features include:  

  • Controlled access to your company's resources by blocking unauthorized access to applications or information assets,
  • Increased employee productivity, by blocking access to unauthorised sites and limiting internet usage to work related activities with filtering of inappropriate or insecure content,
  • Improved business resiliency by preventing disruption of business-critical applications and services caused by viruses and security breaches,
  • Increased flexibility and responsiveness by allowing the rapid and secure deployment of additional services such as VOIP, mail and VPNS
  • Internet connection sharing, with load balancing and fail over,
  • Quality of service guarantees, ensuring that time sensitive and critical network application traffic, such as VOIP, receives priority when bandwidth is constrained 

Internet Connection Load Balancing, Fail Over and Redundant Network Links

Our firewall solutions allow for the load-balancing of multiple, heterogeneous, internet connections such as multiple ADSL lines or WiMax and Metronet connections in order to optimally utilise bandwidth.

It can also provide quality of service for prioritised network traffic to ensure that services such as VOIP get the bandwidth they need to work effectively.

The solution also provides fail over to a redundant network connection in the event of primary link failure with automatic switch over to the primary link once service has been restored. 

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