Oracle JET Training

Oracle's JET toolkit is a toolkit that leverages well know and stable JavaScript libraries to provide a complete enterprise solution for single page, progressive web apps. The toolkit leverages the following populer open source JavaScript libraries and build tools:

  • node.js
  • yeoman,
  • jQuery,
  • jQueryUI,
  • KnockOut,js,
  • RequireJS,
  • Cordova
Oracle JET Training Days Price(ex vat)
Oracle Jet JavaScript Toolkit Training 4 R15,000

By leveraging these libraries and providing integration and testing Oracle's Jet library provides: 

  • A complete JavaScript development toolkit
  • It leverages popular open-source technologies
  • Full lifecycle management for template based SPA
  • Built in accessibility support
  • Support for internationalization (28 languages and 180+ locales)
  • Rich set of UI components
  • Advanced two-way binding with a common model layer
  • Powerful routing system supporting single-page application navigation
  • Smart resource management
  • Built-in mobile support