Perl Fundamentals Training

Perl 5 Training Fundamentals


Learn to code Perl 5 with our Perl fundamentals training course. With hands on exercises as well as a solid grounding in theory our Perl fundamentals will teach you how to write robust Perl scripts to automate you tasks, create reports and increase productivity.

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This Perl course is aimed at developers and system administrator looking to obtain a basic understanding of Perl to automate their daily tasks and reporting. It covers the core programming skills and knowledge required to create robust data processing scripts and utilities The focus is on using Perl as a general purpose programming language. No prior experience is required to take this course.

Description Days Price (exc vat)

Perl 5 Fundamentals Training

3 R 13,500
  • Lunch, refreshments and training material included.
  • Class start at 9:00am for 9:30am
  • South Africa training locations: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban
  • Global training locations: USA, Candana, UK, Dubai, Europe

Course Outline

01 Introduction to Perl

  • Introduction to Perl
  • History of Perl
  • Description of Perl
  • Basic concepts

02 Scalar Data

  • Scalar values
  • Operators
  • Scalar variables
  • Operations on scalar of variables
  • Safe coding practices

03 Arrays

  • Array variables
  • Array access
  • Using STDIN with an array

04 Branching and Looping

  • Statement blocks
  • Statements
  • If/unless conditionals
  • While/until loops
  • For and for each loops
  • Do loops

05 Hashes

  • Hash what is it?
  • Operators
  • Hash Slices

06 Input and Output

  • Input operators
  • Output operators
  • Print / prints
  • Here documents

07 Regular Expressions Part 1

  • Regular expressions
  • Patterns
  • Grouping patterns
  • Operator precedents

08 Regular Expressions Part 2

  • Matching operator variants
  • Substitutions
  • Other operators
  • Regular expression options

09 Functions

  • System and user defined functions
  • Return values and arguments

10 Passing values to Functions

  • Variable number of parameters
  • Pass by reference or value