mail server solutionsPostifx is a battle tested mail transfer agent (MTA) server that powers up to 25% of the internet's mail servers. Combined with other projects such as Cyrus IMAP or Dovecot and SOGo, Postfix can provide a complete mail server solution along with shared address book and shared calendaring.

Postfix provides standards-compliant support for LMTP, STARTTLS encryption, SASL authentication, MIME encapsulation and transformation, DSN delivery status notifications, IPv4, and IPv6.

Postfix Spam and Virus Filtering

Postfix internal design and  powerful add-on eco-system allows for the configuration of a spam-free mail system by stop spam and virusescombining DNS black lists, mail marshal or spam assassin as well as user defined rules for rejecting or blocking mail.

Postfix filters can be built using the SMTP extension or milter protocol for the development of custom extensions to the mail processing workflow.

Postfix, Cyrus IMAP & SOGo for a complete mail solution

On its own Postfix is a powerful MTA, by combining it with Cyrus IMAP for POP and IMAP access to the mail store and SOGo for shared calendaring and address book, it becomes a holistic mail solution for your business. 

Postfix can also be configured in a high-availability environment with post offices mail system at branches which may be spread across the globe and configured to reduce unnecessary routing of mail across wan links

Postfix and Mail Server Support

Jumping Bean provides the following support for Postfix:

  • Mail system setup combining postfix, SOGo and Cyrus IMAP,
  • Trouble shooting postfix mail server,
  • Configuring and maintaining anti-spam rules, regex expression and RBL service lists