Alfresco Records Management

Alfresco Records Management Training is designed for managing the life cycle of electronic and other types of records. The course covers all records management capabilities which are accessible from all Alfresco interfaces, such as the web client, virtual file system and file serving servlets, because the functionality is implemented as extensions to the core content services.

Alfresco Email Document Action Module Released

Our Alfresco Email Documents Action project addon adds the ability to email documents directly from Alfresco Share via a Document Library  action. The project consists of two modules, a repository module that implements the action in Java and a Share client side module that implements the client side logic for calling the action remotely from Alfresco Share via Javascript.

Alfresco Email Document Action Share and Rep Module Features

The features of the modules are:


Alfresco support, consulting and installation.

Alfresco is a world-class, enterprise content management system that provides a core content repository that is access control to versions documents via Office applications, file shares and a web browser; with the ability to attach meta-data and work-flows to content. The meta-data is search-able via it SOLR backed search engine while its meta-data model and work-flows are easily extended.

Alfresco Technical Bootcamp

The Technical Bootcamp is an accelerated course bundle conceived specially for developers. It is made up of a number of complimentary courses which together will ensure that you are up to speed with the development process. This event is intensive and hands-on.

                                                          Alfresco Technical Bootcamp


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