Asterisk is a PBX server that integrates telephone and voice trunks into a powerful centralised communications solution for your company. Its extensive capabilities include least cost routing, call recording, voice mail and call queues with automated call distribution for call centre setup.

Asterisk Training

Asterisk training for IT professionals new to VOIP and Asterisk. Our asterisk course is focused on providing the fundamental skills and conceptual models needed to understand Asterisk, SIP and VOIP; enabling students to configure and troubleshoot Asterisk on their own. Once equiped with these skills  students will be able to design advanced VOIP solutions for their company.

Elastix Simple Cost Tracker Module

This module allows businesses to print out reports on phone usage per user based on their pin number. It does not track usage by extension. The module is aimed to address the needs of keeping track of employee costs.

A more full featured costing solution like A2Billing is overkill in most cases. This is aimed at a much more limited use case. For larger asterisk installation the performance may be slow.

It would be best to run the reports during non-peak periods. We are investigating ways to optimise the pdf report generation.

Asterisk (VOIP) PABX Configuration for SA

Configuration of Asterisk for South Africa

Echo cancellation on TDM400p

If you use Trixbox, to get rid of the echo on the Digium TDM400p cards, download the latest Zaptel drivers, at time of writing the latest is, and compile them yourself. You need to edit the zconfig.h source file and comment out the line #define ECHO_CAN_KB1 and uncomment #define ECHO_CAN_MARK2 on about line 52. You also need to enable aggressive echo cancellation by uncommeting #define AGGRESSIVE_SUPPRESSOR.

Asterisk rocks! Open Source VOIP!

We deployed our asterisk server this week and its going great! Asterisk for those of you who don't know, is an open source PABX with advanced features such as IVR, voicemail and comprehensive reporting. For the cost of a digium card, around R3,000 and a cheap server, around R10,000 one can use their installed TCP/IP network as a telephone system.

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