Call Centre Solutions

IP PBX solutions for Call Centres needn't cost an arm and a leg.  Our solutions are cost effective and beside the usual features one expects for a call centre, our solutions include routing calls over a voip trunk, greatly reducing the main cost of any call centre. The Voip part of the solution can also be added to existing PBXs. (We have launched a separate site to expand on our Asterisk offerings. Please see our new site here. )

Extend Functions/Features of Your Legacy PBX

If you have an existing solution that you wish to extend, whether it is a proprietary or a software PBX, our solution can add features and functionality at a reasonable cost. Should you require call recording or voice mail, or perhaps you need more extensions and the cost of doing so on the legacy PBX are prohibitive, our solution can work for you! 

New IP PBX/VOIP Solutions.

Our customised call centre solutions provide the following components and features (depending on your requirements):

  • Least cost routing,Call Centre Solutions
  • VOIP server with IVR,ACD etc,
  • Campaign management software for both outbound,inbound or blended campaigns,
  • Call scripting,
  • Voice recording of agent conversations,
  • Supervisor/QA call monitoring and call recall,
  • Detailed reports per agent and campaign,
  • Ongoing technical support subject to service level agreements,
  • Agent phones,
  • Agent desks,
  • Network points and switches,
  • Internet connection,
  • Internet firewall, and
  • EMail

Jumping Bean makes use of open source pbx application and server software to build your solution. This IP based solution allows for easy and quick addition of new features and the provisioning of new extensions and IVRs etc at no additional cost. In addition the use of a vendor free implementation allows the customer to source support from a multiplicity of service providers and prevent expensive vendor lock-in.

We also have a broker who can help you obtain finance form a bank to turn the cost of a new call centre into a monthly charge.

Send Jumping Bean a email now or call us on 011-781 8014 to discuss your call centre requirements.