IP-PBX (VOIP) Solutions

IP-PBXs are replacing proprietary and expensive PBXs with a standards based, easily extensible and feature rich IP based VOIP solutions. Adding new extensions does not require any incremental costs and new extensions and features can be provisioned within minutes rather than weeks.  (Please see our new site dedicated to providing support for Asterisk and IP-PBXs here )

Our solutions range from around 2 or 4 incoming lines, with 30 sip extensions, to PRI solutions with 30 channels and hundred of extensions from as little as R500 per month for 36 months. This includes ongoing support. Competitive monthly costs depends on your requirements.

Save money on telephone calls with VOIP

Besides these benefit IP-PBX's will reduce your call costs by routing calls over the internet rather than expensive telkom and cell lines.

Future proof your PBX

The pbx solutions can easily grow with your business scaling from a couple to hundreds of extensions, ideal for small to medium businesses.

Jumping Bean's IP based VOIP PBX solutions provide the following features:

  • Interactive voice response (IVR),
  • Digital receptionist(auto-attendant),
  • Individual fax numbers per extension,
  • Fax to email per extension,
  • Voicemail,
  • Access control for extension as local,national and international calls,
  • Do-not-disturb,
  • Call queing,
  • Call recording, on demand or always on,
  • Caller id based routing,
  • Least cost routing,
  • Conferencing,
  • Music on hold,
  • Optional CRM system integration, and
  • Detailed call reports

Send Jumping Bean an email now or call us on 011-781 8014 to discuss your IP PBX requirements.