vTiger CRM System

vTiger is a comprehensive CRM system that covers the sale, inventory and invoicing cycles. vTiger is built on a module system which allows for the customisation of the vTiger flows to suit the business process flows of clients.

vTiger Customer Relationship Management

customer relationship management with vtigerVTigers modules allow for:

  • Customer management from leads to acquisition and tracking of orders and interactions with the customer,
  • Marketing campaign management to track the effectiveness fo marketing campaigns on sales,
  • Sales pipeline management,
  • Supplier and Inventory mangement,
  • Invoicing of customers and payments

vTiger Integration

Vtigers APIs allows for its integration into external systems, such as powering the catalogue on e-commerce sites and taking online orders, Additional modules can be written and integrated into vTiger to provide additional functionality.


vTiger Support

Jumping Bean provides the following support for vTiger CRM:

  • Installation and configuration,
  • Customisation and plugin development,
  • Support and
  • Hosting and maintenance of outsourced solution.

Our hosting solutions means that you do not have to layout any money for hardware or setup. Jumping Bean will setup the application on our servers and you will be able to access them via the Internet.

Should you be interested in our vTiger services or require more information please contact us on 011-781 8014 or email us.