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Jumping Bean builds software!

Java Frameworks & Tool Chain

When building a Java application there are many frameworks and technologies to choose from and Jumping Bean has developed expertise in a selection of these frameworks which we have found to be the most suitable to our architectural style for developing applications.

Light Weight Approach To Building Java Applications

Jumping Bean prefers a light-weight approach to building applications and components that we frequently use:



Java consulting & developmentJava is the pre-eminent language for enterprise software development and its dominance looks set to continue. The large, world-wide, base of java developers and its robust eco-system of small to large companies that provide services around the technology make it a low risk decisions for CIOs looking to build their company next solution.

Application and IT Infrastructure Security

Increasing industrial and state sponsored cyber attacks and spying, as well as the activities of hacker groups such as anonymous; besides the usual criminal syndicates, make IT security an imperative for any Chief Information Officer.

Jumping Bean provides services for security of software applications as well as security infrastructure for monitoring, altering and protecting against cyber attacks.


development resources and recruitingLooking to resource your next software development or infrastructure roll out project? Jumping Bean uses its database of trusted consultants and freelancers to provide clients with staff on an contract basis, from as short as a month to long-term, depending on client requirements.

Application Architecture Consulting

Designing a robust, fault tolerant, highly-available application requires knowledge of software design principles as well asApplication architecture consulting operational and information system infrastructure know-how. The difference skills sets required of writing good code and creating an elegant and efficient application architecture is like the difference skills sets required in an Chief Operations Officer and a Chief Executive Officer.

Integration Solutions

Large businesses have many solutions that require integration to create a seamless and efficient business process. Jumping Bean uses its experience in Java and PHP, with our specialist knowledge of key, widely used, open source projects, to provide integration consulting services to our clients.

Mobile Application Development

The high penetration rates of smart phones and tablets makes mobile application development a necessity for enterprises today. There is an unparalleled opportunity to deliver services to a mass market and provide a convenient way for customers to interact with businesses and discover their products and services.


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