Web Proxy and Content Filtering

A web accelarator or proxy and content filter will ensure your company makes the most efficient use of its internet/wan connection and enforce corporate acceptable use policy at the same time. Not only will  a web proxy server not only speeds up internet access but also save bandwidth at the same time!

Schools, non profit organsisations and companies need to ensure their resources are used fairly by internal users and that users are protected from external threats on the Internet. A web proxy/content filtering service is able to ensure that users only access approved sites and use the internet for approved business/scholastic activities.  

A proxy server will also protect scholars and users from the threat of the Internet such as phising sites for banking or other scams and from criminals who use the Internet to lure unsuspecting users.

Web Proxy Content Filtering Benefits

  • keep machines behind it anonymous, mainly for security.
  • speed up access to web sites using caching and saving bandwidth,
  • apply access policy to network services or content, e.g. to block undesired sites.
  • logging / audit usage, i.e. to provide company employee Internet usage reporting.
  • content filtering by scanning transmitted content for malware before delivery.
  • scanning of  outbound content, e.g., for data loss prevention.
  • time of day access restriction to site - eg facebook duing lunch hour only,
  • segmentation of users into groups to provide differnet levels of access,
  • usage prioritisaiton - e.g. bank sites given higher priority