Introduction to XML

Introduction to XML training course covers the use of richly structured documents over the web.You will learn how to create a valid (well-formed) XML document using an XML editor and how to build simple DTDs and XML Schema for validating XML documents, and to build XSLTs for transforming XML documents into XHTML and other XML structures.


The course is ideal for anyone interested in next-generation publishing, including webmasters, programmers, web developers, technical writers/editors, and print publishers who want to gain a working knowledge of XML.

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Introduction to XML Training Course Details
Description Days Price (ex vat)
Introduction to XML training 1 ZAR USD

R 4,800

$ 480
  • Lunch, refreshments and training material included.
  • Class start at 9:00am for 9:30am
  • Introduction to XM
    • What is XML?
    • Beginnings of XML
    • The origins of XML
    • The motivation for XML
    • XML objectives
    • The advantages of XML
    • XML describes data
  • Well-formed and valid documents
    • Well-formed XML documents
    • Requirements for well-formed XML documents
    • Plain text versus well-formed XML
    • Valid XML documents

XML components

  • XML document components
    • XML declaration
    • Document type declaration
    • Document type definition
    • Markup
  • The XML language
    • Elements
    • Using elements
    • Attributes
    • Using attributes
    • Entities
    • Types of entities
    • Using entities
    • Markup declarations
    • Using markup declarations in the DTD
  • XML technologies
    • DTD
    • Schemas
    • XSLT
    • XSL-FO
    • XPath
    • Namespaces
    • XQuery
    • Basic XML toolkit